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Increased Camera Phone Use New Blogging Portal

Increased Camera Phone Use New Blogging Portal

Mensamind, an enterprise software company, announced the launch of, a global multimedia mobile blogging portal enabling mobile camera phone users in India and across the world to instantly publish Text, Pictures, Audio and Video directly from their camera phones anytime, anywhere using MMS on GPRS, CDMA and 3G Mobile networks.

As part of its initiatives to popularise the capability and business values of mensablogs, Mensamind and, a leading consumer portal player, have come together to offer mobile media blogging services to IndiaInfo customers in India and abroad and by doing so, IndiaInfo becomes the first consumer portal in India and South Asia to offer complete multimedia mobile phone blogging services. The effort goes live today!

With this launch, Mensamind becomes one of the first movers in the world to have a enterprise scale mobile wireless imaging communications and content publishing solution, realising the vision of developing exciting, dynamic rich media content through camera mobile phones and mobile multimedia messaging services for the consumers and business verticals such as News & Media, Homeland security, Real estate, Insurance and Healthcare.

Speaking to the media, Swaminathan Mani, Technical director of Mensamind India, said, Camera phone users in India and across the world will experience a new powerful visual communication using Mensablogs. Our technology will enable camera phone users to not only publish live multimedia information from their camera phones in minutes, but also create a private or public publishing space to store, share, manage and access pictures and other multimedia content from anywhere, anytime! based on Mensamind Live Publish enterprise technology framework is a cutting-edge software created to fill the emerging global business challenge of building visual and mobile multimedia communications including collaborative application infrastructure for wireless imaging and rich-media publishing business that is growing rapidly.

Mensamind Live Publish's strength as a software tool for multimedia content publishing is a very timely solution particularly for global mobile carriers which are faced with the challenging task of generating data traffic and revenues from their GPRS, 3G, CDMA networks and increasing the stickiness of the customers.

In fact on the carrier side, there are obvious revenues to be gained by providing the wireless channel to post content with photos. We see a future where mensablogs could even turn out to be another form of real-time journalism practiced by non-journalists, Mani added.

MMS is the future for all mobile users. Even in India there has been an encouraging growth in the sales of camera-mobile phones. These users need a platform to publish, archive, manage and share the pictures, audio and video and I strongly believe Indiainfo-Mensamind can provide value to Indian mobile phone consumers.

As the prices of the phones and MMS services fall the usage of our platform will increase. We are very pleased to have tied up with Mensamind and I am sure visitors will find this new service exciting and very useful, added B G Mahesh, Co-Founder & CEO of

With mensablogs introduction, business organisations and consumers will be able to reach out to more people by extending and simplifying their communication and collaboration needs with the latest advancements to leverage technological efficiencies thereby provide faster time-to-market and better return on investment.

As part of its plan to augment business for this software, Mensamind has appointed business partners in Asia Pacific and Europe to offer LivePublish based Mobile solutions. The company is also in talks with major media publishing, Insurance, Law enforcement firms and agencies in the world for managing and deploying, camera phones based rich media content publishing, collaboration and services across multiple channels and devices.

According to Ken Kinsella, Chief Executive Officer, Mensamind, Mensablogs is well poised to harness the tremendous business opportunity live multimedia publishing offers on Web and other channels. It's not just text or even just pictures; there will be audio and video.

Mensablogs is already offering these powerful features that allow consumers to record their moments in video-audio formats using a mobile camera phone and publish it as a rich media content. Our service is free for all cam phone consumers. We would like them to experience and share this new phenomenon and expand the moblog sphere.

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