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Phone Customization Leading Online Wireless Retailer Responds To Consumer Demand For Pre-Programmed Wireless Products

Phone Customization Leading Online Wireless Retailer Responds To Consumer Demand For Pre-Programmed Wireless Products, the Web's leading wireless e-tailer, will now offer consumers free customization for wireless phones purchased through the

Through its state-of-the-art Activation Center, is the first and only wireless retailer to offer customers a free service that fully activates, pre-programs and charges wireless phones according to customers' specifications prior to delivery.

The entire transaction is done online at no additional cost. According to a recent survey from strategic research firm Wirthlin Worldwide, 37 percent of wireless phone owners said they don't have any numbers programmed into their phones' speed-dial function.

Anyone with a wireless phone knows that the programming process is time-consuming, said Delly Tamer, president and CEO.'s customization service addresses this problem.

Consumers instantly have fast, easy access to their most commonly called numbers. That means they're more likely to make use of their phones and service plans to keep in touch with family, friends and business contacts.'s customization service is available free for every wireless phone purchased on the site. Buyers can have phones pre-programmed with 10 speed-dial numbers and can pre-select a 'ring tone.'

Phones will be delivered via FedEx two-day delivery with fully charged batteries, which allows them to be used immediately; most cell phones are sold with batteries that must be charged overnight before the phone can be operated.

In addition, if the buyer opts to purchase a custom faceplate, it will be installed before the phone is shipped. created its customization program in response to consumer demand for phones that are easy to use right out of the box.

Product customization will become a crucial differentiator in many segments of the e-commerce world, including the auto, computer and wireless markets, said Tamer.

Customization turns browsers into buyers - consumers have become comfortable with configuring their own PCs and cars, and soon they'll expect such options from many more e-tailers. is taking the lead in the customization of wireless phones.

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