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Camera Mobile Phone – Perfect For Construction Workers
A new camera mobile phone application for construction sites is taking the industry by storm. Camera phones are the perfect way for contractors and workers in the field to share information.

Car Cell Phones – Are They Really As Dangerous As They Sound?
Car cell phones are believed to be a dangerous distraction to drivers, but how dangerous are they really? Certain states have tried to enact legislation to ban mobile phones in cars, but there is no proof that they are a distraction.

Cellular Market – Accelerated Technology Extends Help To Smartphone Developers
The cellular market is improving now that there is a program to help debug smartphones. Before, the smartphone cell phones were difficult to fix due to the complex design, but now there is a special XRAY program.

Cellular Handsets – RF Detectors Introduced For Cell Phones
Analog devices ships 50 millionth RF detector for cellular handsets, a technical innovation that significantly improves the experience of cell phone users worldwide.

New Camera Phones – Sharp Offers High Performance Camera Phones
The new camera phones from Sharp introduce analog and mixed-signal technology that results in an excellent product. The camera cell phone also has high-speed processors.

Wireless Camera Phone Users – ArcSoft Offers Photo Editing Software For Wireless Camera Phone Users
Wireless camera phone users can now edit photos right on their phone with ArcSoft PhotoBase Mobile Edition, the first photo editing software solution available for AT&T Wireless users with a Nokia 3650 camera phone.

Cellphones – ATI Delivers First 3D Gaming Chip For Cellphones
The first gaming chip for cellphones is here. The new IMAGEON 2300 multimedia and graphics family of co-processors enable game developers to give users complete freedom of movement, and visually rich 3D gaming experiences.

Users Of Camera Phones – Mobile Phones Now Enhanced With Links To Downloadable Mobile Content
Users of cell phones will be pleased to experience the simplicity of point-and-click technnology from Bango. It is a great way for mobile users to download ringtones, games, videos and pictures.

Cell Phone Communication – Introducing Cell Phone Map Technology To South Africa
Betafon Ltd, a South Africa registered company, has become the exclusive distributor for the Benefon Instruments and cell phone communication. The Benefon line has map technology, which come in very handy.

Ring Tones For Cell Phones – Blabtones Provides Custom Ringtones on BREW-Enabled Wireless Phones
Ring tones for cell phones are getting more creative and origional. Blabtones allows mobile phone users to customize their ringtones, so your cell phone can be truely unique.

Camera Phone Image – Camera Phone Users Can Now View, Share And Print Images And Videos
Camera phone images used to be of subpar quality, but with the advancements in imaging technology the camera phone image is clear, and can be printed right into a professional-looking photo.

Camera phone users have one more reason to smile as Bell Mobility and Sprint launch cross-border picture messaging service
Camera phone users have one more reason to smile as Bell Mobility and Sprint launch cross-border camera phone messaging service. Send your pictures anywhere in North America.

Wireless Camera Phones – Convenient, High-Quality Pictures
Wireless camera phones are becomming better quality and more readily available as the years go on. Camera cell phones also have a number of downloadable applications.

Cellular Phone Accessories - Cellular Phone Case
Cellular phone accessories are a great way to customize or protect your cell phone. A cell phone accessory like a cell phone case can protect the investment you've made in your phone.

Cellular Phones – Are They Good To Have In Your Car Or Just A Distraction?
Cellular phones are great to have in case of an emergency, but what about talking on them while driving? Technology can prove to either be a great help or a major hinderance while driving, and cell phones are no exception.

Camera Phone Screens – High Resolution And Great Color Quality
The new Audiovox phones come with high quality camera phone screens suitable for any application. The camera cell phone is not only for taking pictures and talking, but for playing games as well.

Mobile Phone – China's First Mobile Phone That Supports Motion Picture E-mail
The mobile phone has come a long way, and the T618X cell phone is no exception. The new cellular phone has the ability to either watch or email movie clips.

Cell Phone Antennas – New Atenna Allows Multiple Uses On One Antenna
Digital Antenna’s new cell phone antennas allow different cell phones and pieces of equipment to use only one antenna. The new antenna for mobile equipment is great for marine or travel applications.

DoCoMo Camera Phone – Sales Through The Roof
DoCoMo camera phones are quickly becomming a favourite among cell phone users. Sales of the cell phones have now exceeded 4 million dollars.

Cell Phone Voice Mail – Email Gets A Voice With Tata Cellular
E-Mail gets voice with Tata Cell’s VoiceMe for cell phone voice mail and email. The service will assign a voice to your phone and read out the contents of the email.

Wireless Phones – What Is Important To Have On A Wireless Phone
Emergency services at top of Americans' wishlist for wireless phones, though many other features topped the list as a close second for cell phones.

Nokia Camera Phone – The New Member Of The Family
The new Nokia camera phone is a great addition to any family. The cellular camera phone has a high-resolution color screen and unbeatable reception.

Use Of Camera Phones – FirstAssist Urges Employers To Ensure That Workplace Mobile Phone Policies Include The Use Of Camera Phones
The use of camera phones in the workplace is not something many people give a thought to, but FirstAssit is changing this. Camera phones can be used in industrial sabatoge, which makes them a device which should be looked at carefully.

Mobile Phone Applications – Advanced Networking Technology Gives New Uses To Cell Phones
The new mobile phone applications require a stronger connection to the web than previous models. The availability of a new 128Mbit Mobile Fast Cycle RAMTM device is now available for quick connections and constant speed.

Camera Phones Security – An Outright Ban?
Camera phones security is a weighty topic amongst businesses. Usage guidelines will be far more effective than outright bans.

Hard Of Hearing Cell Phones – Specially Designed
Hard of hearing cell phones are developed with a patented induction technology, which transmits audio signals directly to the hearing aid.

Safe Cellular Phone Policy – Keeping The Roads Safe
A new safe cellular phone policy applying to HRM employees prohibits the use of cellular phones while in company-owned vehicles or their own on company business.

The Camera Phone – Providing Steady Industry Growth
The camera phone is leading the industry in MMS subscribers. Entertainment is a driving factor behind key wireless markets.

Data-Enabled Mobile Phone Platform – Based On Intel Technology
A new mobile phone platform from Symbian relies on Intel technology. Symbian and Intel plan to ship a board support package including the Symbian OS version 7.0.

Internet For Cell Phones - New Cellular Processor
Intel Corporation has announced 'wireless-Internet-on-a-chip' technology for cell phones. Called the Intel PXA800F cellular processor, it is a key component of the Intel Personal Internet Client Architecture.

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