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Wireless PDA The Next Generation
New wireless PDA processors, based on Intel technology, include a set of new technologies designed to meet the multimedia, low power and security requirements of advanced cell phones.

Wireless Data Networks Enhanced With EDGE Technology
Intel introduces first single-chip processor for phones running advanced wireless data networks. These high speed networks utilize EDGE technology.

The Future Camera Cell Phone New Processors
The future camera cell phone will have many interesting features will help enable wireless devices to capture higher quality pictures. They will also have an extended battery life.

Internet Ready Cell Phones New Features Drive Market
Internet ready cell phones are at the top of the cell phone food chain. Pricing of web-enabled phones has stabilized, with consumers paying a premium for these phones.

Buying Cellular Products Online
Buying cellular products online just got easier. Let's Talk Cellular has launched a one-stop shopping venue for consumers buying wireless products and services.

Cell Phone Etiquette Significant Changes In Attitudes
In the Let's Talk annual survey of cell phone etiquette, significant changes in attitude are apparent.

Corporate Wireless Expenses LetsTalk Reduces Costs
A new search function on allows corporate telecommunication managers and individual employees to esearch and buy corporate-approved devices and corporate-negotiated service plans.

Nokia Online Store LetsTalk Offers Services
LetsTalk, an online wireless retailer, will manage an online store for Nokia in the United States. Consumers can buy their favorite Nokia phones and select a compatible rate plan.

Lumileds Camera Phone Flash Lighting The Way
The Lumileds camera phone flash applications enable flashes on mobile phone cameras to approach the light levels of those on digital still cameras for the first time.

Increased Camera Phone Use New Blogging Portal
Mobile camera phone use will see a boost with the launch of a new blogging portal enabling mobile camera phone users in India and across the world to instantly publish text, pictures, audio and video.

The Hearing Impaired Cellular Antenna Accessible Cell Phones
Myers Johnson Inc. teams with Centurion to provide a cellular antenna for the hearing impaired. The antenna improves a cellular phone's clarity and talk time.

Wireless Communications Signals Given A Boost
Wireless communications relay stations will soon be able to handle 10 times current signal capacity. That advancement will help meet -- and additionally fuel -- the exploding demand for cellular phones.

NEC's First Camera Phone For The U.S. Market
The first camera phone from NEC in the U.S. is available through AT&T Wireless sales channels. The phone has an embedded digital camera and a 4,096-color external LCD screen.

NEC Camera Equipped Mobile Phones Ultra-Compact And Slim
NEC Corporation today announced that it has succeeded in creating a card-shaped, camera equipped mobile phone. The phone is ultra-compact and attractively packaged.

Cell Phone Laws Headset Sales Soar
NPD Intelect reports headset sales soar as new cell phone laws kick in. The average price of a headset has decreased by almost one-third, making it easier and more affordable for consumers.

Megapixel Handheld Camera 1.3 Megapixel Support
A new handheld camera low power processor allows for 1.3 megapixel camera support in handsets. Camera phones are the fastest growing segments in the cellular handset market.

Mobile Phone Digital Cameras High Quality Flash Modules
PerkinElmer Optoelectronics has developed a mobile phone digital camera flash module that has increased light output, improved color temperature, decreased battery consumption and lower cost.

The M1500 Cordless Headset With Bluetooth Technology
The M1500 cordless headset is the first complete hands-free Bluetooth solution for the installed base of cellular phones.

PNCI Cellular Expanding Coverage As Promised
PNCI Cellular is expanding its coverage as it promised it would to its customers. With its overwhelming customer response since the grand opening, PNCI has been very popular.

Prepaid Cellular New Service Debuts in Palau
A new prepaid cellular service debuts in Palau. The new service offers cellular airtime rates as low as 15 cents a minute.

Cell Phone Service QUALCOMM Applauds End Of Selective Availability For GPS
QUALCOMM applauds end of selective availability for GPS cell phone service. QUALCOMM endorsed the decision by the president to discontinue the policy.

International Calling International Calling That Doesn't Require Calling Card
RentCell adds international calling that doesn't require a calling card! RentCell customers can place international calls without the complicated dialing process.

Wireless Phone Rentals RentCell Has Become An Official Microsoft Vendor
RentCell has become an official Microsoft vendor allowing wireless phone rentals to be ordered via Microsoft Corporate purchase orders.

Rental Of Cell Phones Rental Of Cellular Phones At Lowest Rates On The Web
RentCell introduces new website for rental of cell phones at lowest rates on the web. The corporate website will provide information on rentals within the US.

Camera Support For The New Camera Phone Sony Ericsson
The EPSON S1D13711 Mobile Graphics Engine has been selected to provide rich graphics and camera support for the new cell phone line from Sony Ericsson.

SGH-e715 Samsung Camera Phone For Style-Conscious People
The new SGH-e715 Samsung camera phone offers fashion-forward looks, multi-shot imaging features and advanced messaging capabilities.

Second Generation Camera Phone Slim And Elegant
The Sendo S600, a second generation camera phone, boasts an advanced VGA camera with Sendo's Xoom technology, a 5X smooth digital zoom, and a high-speed viewfinder.

Camera Mobile New Phone, New Mobile
Sharp to Commence Shipment of a New GSM/GPRS camera mobile phone to Vodafone. The new mobile camera phone is an innovation in technology.

Nokia Phone Sharpen And Smarten Your Image With The New Nokia Megapixel Phone
The new Nokia phone is sure to delight even the most skeptical of cell phone users. The megapixel camera phone gives you pictures of a professional quality, and is easy to use.

Sony Ericsson Camera Phone Introcuding The High-Resolution T630
The new Sony Ericsson camera phone is full of suprises and great additional features. Sony Ericsson unveiled the T630 camera phone for stylish mobile imaging.

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