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Sanyo Camera Phone Introducing The Phone With More Features
The new Sanyo camera phone is jam-packed with features, but compact and stylish. Featuring the Sprint PCS Ready Link capability for nationwide walkie-talkie communication, this camera cell phone from Sanyo has it all.

Camera Phone Customers Share Smiles Across The U.S./Canadian Border
Camera phone customers from Sprint will now be able to send their pictures across the border for no extra charge. Camera phones were designed for people to be able to stay in touch, so do exactly that.

Cell Phones While Driving Not As Dangerous As You May Think
Study finds that restricting cell phones while driving may be premature. Cellular phones have not been found to be a distraction.

Cell Phone Usage Study Shows No Connection Between Cell Phone Usage & Brain Cancer
Cell phone useage has not been shown to significantly contribute to brain cancer. A recent study proved there to be no link between cellular radiation and cancer.

GSM Cell Phones Toshiba Introduces New GSM Telephone To European Market
Toshiba has introduced the new GSM cell phones to Europe. The cellular phone is extremely small and has an integrated antenna for unbeatable performance.

Buy Cell Phones Where Do You Intend To Buy Your Next Wireless Phone
When you are looking to buy a cell phone, it is always a good idea to read some reviews of different companies and manufacturers. Before you buy your next cellular phone, be informed.

International Cell Phones Provided By Worldcell, An International Provider
International cell phones are handy to have while traveling abroad. An international cellular phone from worldcell will allow your loved ones to stay in touch with you while you're off traveling.

Wireless Phone Recycling Association Of Wireless Professionals Annouces Recycling Plan For Unused Phones
Wireless phone recycling is something that will help our environment, as well as help certain charities. It is important to recycle your old cell phones, as there are many dangerous chemicals in them that are not supposed to go in the landfill.

Hands Free Kits Belkin Introduces Two Highly Innovative Kits For The Mobile Phone User
Hands free kits for cell phones are perfect for the person on the go. Belkin has introduced two kits that will keep you safe on the road if you need to use your cell phone.

Cellular Products Online Shop From Your Home With Convenience
Find cellular products online with Shopping for a cell phone or accessories has never been so easy as it is now, with a variety of products and customizing options available.

Mobile Photos Consumers Nationwide Can Now Access And Share Their Favorite Pictures Online
Camera phone users can now upload their mobile photos onto the internet. Let everyone share the joy you've captured on your phone.

Cell Phone Technology Ericsson Takes Cellular Phones In A Whole New Direction
Cell phone technology has come a long way, and the Ericsson T28 is no exception. Cellular phones are becomming more affordable and easier to use.

Hands-Free Devices Offer Convenience And Greater Driving Control
Hands-free devices are the perfect solution for the busy person on the go. Cell phones can be dangerous to use while driving, so a hands-free headset could keep you safe on the road.

Phone Customization Leading Online Wireless Retailer Responds To Consumer Demand For Pre-Programmed Wireless Products
Phone customization is getting to be a big business. now offers pre-programmed phones that get delivered to you already customized to your specifications.

Dial-around Service Net2Phone Launches Consumer Long Distance Service
Net2Phone announce dial-around service phones cards for cell phone users. The long distance service saves users a ton of hassle, as well as a ton of money.

Motorola Handset Nextel Combines With Motorola To Create An Affordable, Stylish Handset
The new Motorola handset is a combined effort of Motorola and Nextel. Tha cell phone offers users a stylish, compact design at an affordable price.

Cellular Telephones Nokia Announces New Dual-Mode AMPS/N-AMPS Portable Cellular Telephone for N-AMPS Markets
Nokia annouces dual-mode cellular telephones that feature a large 16-character display with permanent signal and battery strength indicators, four 'one-touch' dialing keys for instant access to emergency services, voice mail, frequently called number

Verizon Wireless Camera Phone Let Mom Capture The Moment And Stay In Touch
The Verizon wireless camera phone is a great gift for anyone, but especially for mothers. The picture messaging allows you to share special moments with your family, even if they're far away.

Earbud Style Headset Plantronics Introduces Next-Generation Cellular Phone
Plantronics introduces the earbud headset for cellular phones. Wireless headsets have come a long way from the bulky things they once were, and the earbud cell phone is no exception.

Wireless Headsets Plantronics Enhances Wireless Freedom
Wireless headsets make life more convenient. Plantronics have unveiled some new headsets that will make your life even easier.

Travel Cell Phone Chargers Power Up Your Cell Phone Anywhere, Anytime
Travel cell phone chargers help you to stay in touch while on the road. The Belkin Gold Series chargers are great for any phone, anywhere.

Tangle Free Cord For Cell Phones Power Up Without Making A Mess
The tangle free cord for cell phones helps you to power up without getting frustrated. The special cord keeps tangles from happening in your cell phone cord, so you can recharge with convenience.

Mobile Phone Bundle Roadpost First to Deliver Remote Internet Access
Roadpost Inc., a leader of global voice and data communications solutions, launches the mobile phone bundle for the business traveler.

International Cellular Service Global Traveler Stays Connected
A leader in global communications solutions, Roadpost Inc. is taking $99 off the purchase of a Motorola Timeport 7389 mobile phone with an International Cellular service subscription, making it an ideal holiday gift for the business traveler.

Cellular Coverage Thuraya Services More Than 120 Countries
Roadpost Inc., a provider of global cellular coverage and data communications solutions for the business traveller, announces the launch of Thuraya the first dual-mode mobile telephone service to deliver combined satellite/GSM capabilities.

Toshiba Toshiba Brings Wide Lineup of Latest Advances
Toshiba Corporation is pleased to announce that it will exhibit a wide range of innovative products and technologies at ITU Telecom World 2003, the major telecommunication trade show that will be held at Geneva Palexpo, Switzerland, from October 12 t

Cellular U.S. Cellular Offers Stylish Nokia Phone
Nokia and U.S. cellular announced the arrival of the Nokia 3586i, a new, color screen customizable wireless phone.

Text Messaging UK Total Tops 20 Billion For 2003
The year end figure was confirmed with the announcement of December's text messaging figure of 1.9 billion, an increase of over 100 million on November 2003.

Location Of Cell Phone Users FCC Decision Threatens Communications Privacy
The challenged rules would enable the Bureau to track the physical locations of cellular phone users and potentially monitor Internet traffic.

Portable Cellular Phones Exciting Opportunities In The Next Generation
Martin Cooper, creator of the first portable cellular phone while at Motorola is now Chairman, CEO and Founder of ArrayComm and introducing a new technology called i-BURST. i-BURST is a high-speed way to access the wireless Internet.

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