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Cellular Phone Functionality – Companies Join In Developing Symbian Phones
Sanyo intends to develop a range of advanced mobile communication devices based on the Symbian software platform – designed to tightly integrate cellular phone functionality with mobile computing.

Wireless PCPhonehone – Worlds First PDA Arrives
At long last, the world’s first wireless PCphone with full Internet, cellular phone and organizer has arrived and it fits right in the palm of your hand.

Wireless Service Packages – Sony Combines With Rogeres AT&T
Sony of Canada Ltd., Canada's leading electronic and computer products solutions provider for consumers and business, today announced that 14 Sony store retail outlets across the Greater Toronto Area will market Rogers AT&T wireless services packages

Cell Phone Products – Companies Agree To Develop A New Range Of Products
TIBCO Software Inc. and Fast Search & Transfer, today announced an agreement to develop and market a new range of cell phone products for real-time information delivery.

Color Display – New Nokia Wireless Phone With Color Display
Nokia and U.S. Cellular, announced the arrival of the Nokia 3586i, a new, color display screen customizable wireless phone.

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